Development of a High Frequency Real-Time Controller

Supervised by Dr. Jiande Wu, co-worked with Mr. Weiwei Yang and Ms. Zhengyang Feng
fulfilled in Zhejaing University, Hangzhou, China, 2016


This program aims to build a low-cost and high-frequency real-time controller for power converter development. The protype is based on Arm CortexM4. A very common MCU STM32F407 is chosen as the controller. By applying double-buffer DMA, variables can be read continuously via ethernet without interrupting the orginal program. The data rate can reach upto 32Mbps. The total price is limited lower than 200CNY. Besides, a matched PC software is also developed.

Design of PV Voltage Compensator as Partial Power Converter

Supervised by Prof. Xiangning HE and Dr. Jiande Wu
fulfilled in Zhejaing University, Hangzhou, China, 2015


This is my banchelor's research topic. In this project, I designed a phase-shift full-bridge converter with power rate of 200W. The converter is connected at the end of a PV string to compensate the string voltage.